Pink Peppercorn & Fennel Salami


A bold mix of flavours including pink, green and black whole peppercorns and toasted fennel seed. The higher fat content and a coarse cut intensify the flavours and provide a great texture.
• Artisan crafted and created locally using NZ free farmed pork.
• Made the traditional way and preserved using salt and dry curing time at optimum environmental conditions.
• No fillers or artificial ingredients.
• Gluten free

$9.90 per 150g pack




• Perfect as an addition to a charcuterie platter
• Slice thickly and sauté for delicious tapas. Serve with fresh green salad
• Simply have with fresh crusty bread, pickles and a good beer


Free farmed pork shoulder, pork fat, garlic, fennel seed, pink, green and black peppercorns, salt, natural casing.