Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Salami – Wood Smoked & Aged


The deep flavour of porcini mushroom is complimented by a hint of truffle to lend a rich, yet mellow flavour, add the distinctive notes of wood smoke, and this salami takes on a unique quality of its own.
• Artisan crafted and created locally using NZ free farmed pork.
• Made the traditional way and preserved using salt, smoke and dry curing time at optimum environmental conditions.
• No fillers or artificial ingredients.
• Gluten free


Serving Suggestion.

  • Served as accompaniment to a platter.
  • For breakfast slice and flash pan-fry, add to a handful of spinach sautéed with red onion and top with a poached egg.
  • Try sautéing and adding to a finished risotto.
  • A favourite of ours is to eat it simply with fresh crusty bread, and fresh tomatoes.
  • Great on pizzas.

beautifully artisan, hand crafted to perfection.