Mild Hungarian Paprika Salami (kolbász) – wood smoked & aged


Every autumn, the household’s fattened pig is made into a smoked salami to sustain the family throughout the cold long winter. This traditional style of cured salami is made from a secret recipe kept within the family for hundreds of years.
Made with the finest imported Hungarian paprika, garlic, cumin.
• Artisan crafted and created locally using NZ free farmed pork.
• Made the traditional way and preserved using salt, smoke and dry curing time at optimum environmental conditions.
• No fillers or artificial ingredients.
• Gluten free




• Serve as an addition to a charcuterie platter.
• Slice and sauté with mushrooms, onions, capsicums adding whisked eggs to the pan to make a delicious omelette.
• Top your home made pizzas.
• Add sliced to a potato bake for a warming winter dish
• For a hearty winter warmer, add Hungarian Salami to a bean soup and serve with fresh crusty bread.


Free farmed pork shoulder, pork fat, garlic, sweet Hungarian paprika, cumin, salt, black pepper, natural casing.