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At The Hungarian Artisan Co. we create the finest handcrafted delicatessen products with a modern take on the traditional. We use only the best hand-picked cuts of New Zealand free farmed pork and where possible, source local ingredients. We produce and preserve our goods using age old traditional methods including wood smoking and ageing. Something extremely important for The Hungarian Artisan Co. is that we use absolutely no artificial additives, nitrates, fillers or any other nasty, unnatural or unnecessary ingredients.


We are proud to use only natural ingredients. Absolutely no chemicals, artificial additives, preservatives or any other nasty unnatural ingredients will be found in our products.


Our products are made using family recipes and crafted by hand using traditional wood smoked and air dried methods. Salt and spices are used for masses of flavour and preserve naturally.


We are a boutique delicatessen and hand make our products in small batches to ensure a high standard of quality is met every time.